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The Designer's Compass

​Your digital guide with 5 easy-to-navigate segments, crafted to evolve your fashion brand from concept to a highly anticipated launch. This roadmap is armed with user-friendly templates and digital downloads, ensuring you have all the tools to create a fashion business and that will bring your vision to life.

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"I want the freedom to bring my wildest design ideas to life, for my dream customers to feel a connection with my designs, and to make a real difference in my community!"

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A Portland Sewing Factory, a Path to Success!

Directed be Jenn Diana, JLD has worked with 100's of new brands and seen first hand where they struggle the most.

Jenn knows You have big, bold ideas!! Her goal is to give you a roadmap to bring those ideas to life alongside a solid business foundation.  Creating the perfect platform to launch.

She created the Designer's Compass like a treasure hunt, you won't get the next clue until you complete the first. This is specifically designed so you don't skip a single step, or make any wrong turns.

The Designer's Compass

Your Journey Awaits!

This program is about more than making a product. It's about launching a fashion brand, starting a company, building a business!

Understanding that your brand is more than a simple clothing idea, is the first step in creating a legacy.

​With the Designer's Compass you'll have a road map to not just create your apparel- but build your entire fashion company. From identifying your core demographic to building your website. This program will show you when to take each step, supply practical tips for getting it done, and be your accountability partner.

​This approach not only ensures thoroughness but also instills discipline and focus, critical traits for success in such a competitive field.  The Designer's Compass offers a clear path through the often complex landscape of fashion entrepreneurship.

What's Inside?   

  • ​Treasure hunt-style learning journey.​
  • ​Customer engagement blueprint.
  • Exclusive product design guidance.
  • ​Real Talk- Real Action - Real Results!

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