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5 Elements to Developing a Garment

Are you ready to start your own fashion brand? Do you have an idea, but little else?

Don’t stress, The Designer’s Compass has you covered! You are certainly not alone in your fashion journey as we will help you through each stage in this process, from developing a garment to launching your brand.

Before you can produce your own clothing line or fashion brand, a carefully planned design of your garment is essential. This includes a technical package, digital garment pattern that’s graded, materials sourced, and an approved sample.

As you take on your fashion dreams, it is important to understand your garment and how it is developed! Read below to learn more about the five significant elements to developing a garment.

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Garment Design

The design will be your first element in producing your apparel. This step is where you determine the appearance of your garment using sketches and images.

Even if you’re not an artist, we recommend starting with some rough sketches. Draw up your design ideas before reaching out to a designer or manufacturer for help. Don’t believe you can do it? Check our free webinar and learn the skills you need.​

Technical Package

This is essentially the blueprint of your garment. It is important to emphasize that you should NOT skip this step! Omitting this step is basically the same thing as building a house without any plans. Therefore, a technical package is crucial as it outlines the details associated with the aforementioned design. Many technical packages may even include garment measurements and construction details.

Garment Pattern

This is a two dimensional template used to cut your fabric, which is then sewn into a three dimensional garment. Garments such as leggings or t-shirts may appear to be a simple garment. However, a lot truly goes into ensuring that these garments fit correctly.

Unless you’re a fashion designer by trade, you’ll hire someone with experience to help with this and the technical packages. We go over when and how inside the Designer’s Compass.

Material Sourcing

Material sourcing is a vital part of developing your garment, and is often overlooked. Materials play a significant role in achieving the ideal or desired fit of your garment. If you check the label of some of your favorite articles of clothing you will most likely find 1 or more fiber contents. These contents are just one of the many attributes that contribute to a certain material. During the fabric sourcing process, you’ll want to explore a wide range of materials in your initial research so you’re better prepared to review the materials offered by fabric vendors.​

Approved Sample

An approved sample will be your final element in the garment development process. It is a complete physical garment that follows all the details in the technical package, with accurate fabric and trims. Ultimately, it provides a visual representation of the garment you expect to replicate in production.


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